Dive in
12:58 PM

I'm not entirely sure how to set this up so I guess I'll just dive right in. I'm Lindsey. I run a fitspo blog on tumblr called Fit, Full, and Fabulous which has kind of turned into visual fitspo and not so much detailing. I write for a living and now I'm starting this blog as a "creative outlet" of sorts. It's not really going to be able to be categorized as any one type of blog (maybe lifestyle-- such a catchall term though, amiright?), but on here you'll probably find the following:

• Yummy and healthy recipes– I absolutely love cooking
• Random fitness inspiration and tips that I use to keep active
• Photos/snapshots/instagram pictures of me/my boyfriend/the beach by our house/my nails – and that brings me to this next one:
• Nails! I used to have really bad nails and I've learned now how to grow them out successfully and I LOVE painting them. I'll probably have some beauty ish on here too.. kinda goes with that whole "being a girl" thing.
• All sorts of rants and raves (which will probably happen quite a bit)
• Other stuff

Sound good? Yay! Let's get into it



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