Speaking of nails...
1:44 PM

I just did mine last night! But first, a little back story for ya...
A couple of weeks ago Zoya Nail Polish had a special promotion where you could get two of their nail polishes for free and just pay for shipping! I know you're jealous you missed out. Just kidding. Not really haha. Now I’m normally a little skeptic about ordering nail polish colors online, but these were free and I’d never tried the brand before so I figured, why not? Plus there were reviews right on the site which I LOVE. Reviews are the best thing ever. And did I mention they were free? I got Kristen, a pale grey-blue, and Trixie, a silver, almost foil-y color. Like the most brilliant silver you can get without glitter chunks everywhere. Really gorgeous (and it’s Trixie Tuesday apparently, how appropriate). 

Anyway, after a bit of a hassle with the post office, I finally had a chance to use them last night! I ended up doing an ombre glitter manicure and it turned out great. I’m calling it my “Ice Queen” manicure, although the more I look at it the more it’s reminding me of Cinderella's ball gown transformation—which I don’t think is a bad thing! I ended up tweeting a picture to @Zoya_NailPolish and they responded. Awesome! Overall, this manicure was a success. What do you think?

Ombre "Ice Queen" Manicure
And here's Zoya's tweet. Looks like they approve!


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