Seedy Snack Mix
9:11 PM

So there's only one kind of seed in this, but I liked that name so that's what I'm calling it :) This is just a small, quick little recipe, but it's extremely tasty and pretty healthy too! I like to throw this in a baggie and take it with me as quick snack to have at work.

Combine equal parts:

• Sunflower Seeds (salted or unsalted, your choice)
• Raw pine nuts
• Golden raisins

Mix together and enjoy!

I love the mix of the sweet, juicy golden raisins with the more savory taste of the pine nuts and (if you so choose) the salt of the sunflower seeds. You can also combine large amounts of this and store it in an air tight container to have a yummy snack on hand when you need it. Be careful though, it's kind of addicting!


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